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Investigations: When allegations of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation arise in the workplace, conducting a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation is critically important and usually required by law and/or organization policies.  Such situations, as well as situations involving allegations of misconduct, may be investigated internally. However, the use of an independent investigator outside the organization may be preferable, depending on the nature and/or scope of the allegations.


In these situations, or any other requiring investigation, the importance of an organization's choice of investigator cannot be overstated. In this crucial and sensitive area, superb technical skills are necessary but are not sufficient.


In addition to legal knowledge and investigative skills, the investigator whom an organization selects must be capable of quickly gaining a feel for the dynamics of a specific workplace, the corporate culture, and the personalities involved, in order to function most effectively. The investigator must also have a demonstrated ability to put witnesses at ease, and be someone who would be well-received by a jury in litigation. In 2012, Ms. Yanow received a Certificate of Completion from the Association of Workplace Investigators' inaugural training Institute. Ms. Yanow is one of the first group of investigators in the nation to receive such certification.


Ms. Yanow has conducted and directed well over 600 investigations across the full spectrum of workplace settings. She brings to bear her considerable skills and experience, including  “relatability” and proven understanding of and success in complex corporate settings. This gives Ms. Yanow and her clients a clear advantage.


Fact-finding: Ms. Yanow also brings her skills to workplace fact-finding, including management practice reviews, organizational assessments, audits, and other inquiries requiring an independent party.