WORKPLACE Investigations • Fact-Finding • Training & Expert Consulting

Anti-Harassment Training: Ms. Yanow has provided her anti-harassment training in workplace settings ranging from the office to motion picture and television production, manufacturing to retail, and everything in between. She has educated participants who span the spectrum from white collar senior management to medical professionals, attorneys, security, production, and union-represented employees/affiliated workers.


Training can be customized according to an organization’s needs. Training features detailed, pragmatic explanations of the law, clear examples, pop quizzes, and “dos and don’ts,” all delivered in an interactive and engaging manner.


Training for Non-Managerial Employees: Provides the essentials employees need to recognize, avoid, and report problematic conduct.


Training for Supervisorial/Managerial employees: This training offers a more in-depth explanation of the law as well as many tips for supervisors.  The training's practical focus and valuable insights gained from Ms. Yanow’s over three decades of practice and years in Fortune 500 environments guide management through the real-life challenges encountered in the workplace.


Training to Conduct Effective Workplace Investigations: Ms. Yanow provides training to Human Resources,  management, and other groups.  Through this training Ms. Yanow provides a road-map for organizations seeking to conduct prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations in today’s fast-paced business environments.


One-on-one training/coaching: Ms. Yanow is available to meet with individuals who may benefit from coaching about the law, management responsibilities, and appropriate workplace conduct, among other topics.